The School District of
Palm Beach County

These scatterplots represent the latest assessment data for FSA and NGSSS. The scatterplot vertical axis indicates the percent scoring at level 3 and above with schools in the School District of Palm Beach County shown as red dots and other schools in the state shown as blue dots. The horizontal axis indicates the percent of students in schools identified as economically disadvanted or EDD (a proxy for poverty and formerly identified as Free or Reduced Price Lunch). The two overlaid trend lines indicate the relationship between the two variables of percent scoring at levels 3 and above and poverty. Trend lines in this scatterplot are situated at a minimal distance between all points. The red trend line applies to District schools and the blue trend line applies to other schools in the state. Trend lines that move downward from left to right indicate a negative trend in the relationship. Additional information about each school can be gleaned by hovering over the specific dot that represents a school. The drop-down choice controls are found in the upper left. Here, you may make your choice of assessment and grade level. Note that End of Course (EOC) assessments represent only first time test takers regardless of grade.

    Using the scatterplot, find your school to answer the following:
  • Does my school fall above or below the trend lines?
  • What schools are closest to mine in the District?
  • What schools are outliers (i.e., far removed from the cluster of schools around trend lines)?